The target of the adventure which began in the province of Mugla as the first marble factory of the district, is to have the unexplored rich marble deposits brought to the Turkish and the World markets and obtain the title of an industrialization leader in its sector, thus, the Çobanlar Group, began to have the marbles, which it mined from its own marble quarries shortly after its establishment, introduced to the entire World marble market.

The Çobanlar Group, the foundations of which were laid in the year of 1989, has become a successful group of companies, known in many countries throughout the World as the pioneer of innovation and change in the industry in this honourable journey of over 26 years.

The use of marble, seen as the symbol of power and glory since the history of humanity until our present day and as a mind which first comes to mind when aesthetic is mentioned, had been the foundation of the establishments of the biggest empires. Today, Çobanlar Group, by using modern technology, has been pioneering the production of the marble, which has been shaping the history today by different quality and the understanding of service, and by increasing its range of products day by day, with its investments it makes in order to address every country of the World and to offer services, always has a purpose to go further.